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The workshops offered at Menergy are done so by men who are currently offering services and programs in the community and have come to Menergy to share their knowledge and skills with you. No facilitators are paid and they too pay a fee to attend. These men are usually deeply committed to serving men and helping you attain the best out of yourself. All facilitators are here to provide a safe and unique opportunity for yourself and other men to learn and be supported by those around you. It can be a very powerful and transformative experience to participate in the workshops as a group of men. At all times safety, respect and integrity are maintained for all those attending. Not all workshops are ‘deep’ or of an emotional nature, we also encourage light hearted fun workshops too to decompress and relax and let our inner kid have some fun too. During the course of the event workshop facilitators will get up in front of the group to explain and ‘spruik’ their workshop to you. You are not compelled to attend and we encourage you not to get overloaded with workshops and take some time out to connect with others, or you can chill out and explore the location at your leisure.

2020 Workshop Program

Menergy 2020
Dating for Love

People date for a whole range of reasons – for fun, for sex, for validation, or because they feel they have to. This workshop is for men who are ready to date for love.

Modern dating is hard, and dating for love requires an intentional approach. Using insights from Evolutionary Psychology and Behavioural Science, we’ll discuss what women are looking for in a long-term partner, how to improve your attractiveness, and how to build your dating confidence.


Joe is a Menergy veteran, men’s dating coach and one half of Dating for Love, which he runs with his wife Jiveny Blair-West. Together they teach people how to attract and build healthy long-term relationships, founded on scientific principles from psychology and behavioural science.

As well as 1:1 and group coaching, Joe also runs the men’s dating course The Winning Hand, which is a 9-week program designed to help men build their dating confidence and relationship skills.


Rekindling your Relationship

Relationships can either make or break us. Being in a strong and deeply connected relationship can help Men feel supported, happier and more confident in our lives. However when our relationships are not working well then we as Men can struggle. Understanding how to better connect with our partners is not only good for the relationship, but also our physical and emotional health. In this workshop we discuss how to strengthen and bring more fun into your partnership as well as create a more loving, healthy and strong connection.


Vern mentors Men & boys through his business, ‘Move Forward Mentoring’ supporting them to be better communicators, as well as healthier, more connected partners and fathers. As well as mentoring, running Men’s Circles and workshops in the community, Vern also facilitates communication and relationship programs for ex-offenders and creativity and wellbeing programs in schools and businesses in Regional Victoria. Alongside his partner Bec in their business ‘Rekindling Relationships’, he runs mentoring sessions and workshops for couples, as well as Podcasting relationship tips and strategies. Vern is a father of 4 teenagers, husband to an amazing woman and lives in Bendigo, Victoria.


Waking the Inner Fire, living from Primal Desire, Pleasure, Orgasm & the practice of Non-ejaculatory sex.

.In this workshop, you will get a deep grounding in and create a knowing of your Masculine Pillar of Strength. (The power to stand in whatever life throws at you)
Receive a group recode of limiting beliefs that no longer serve you.
Opening the doorway for waking up and building the Inner Fire, that wants to sink its teeth in and devour life!
Living from Primal Desire, pleasure, and Orgasm. To bring it into your everyday life experience.
The cultivating and moving of sexual energy for health, radiance, and magnetism.
Have sex for hours, through the practice of non-Ejaculatory sex.
An introduction to the practice.
Sharing the difference between ejaculation and orgasm, levels of arousal and tools to walk this path.
I invite you to come and join me on this journey of fire, desire, and pleasure!


My journey started with the awareness of my patterns of being withdrawn, disconnected, and seeing the impacts and costs of this on my life!
In many social situations I would put up a wall and cut off connection. The physical impacts were, I get tight through my chest, my throat, sometimes couldn’t speak, experienced numbness and feeling of powerlessness through my whole body. In relationships a few times I had to be honest with my partners stating, “you might be better off with someone else, because in this pattern I only feel numbness and don’t know how to open my heart anymore.”
I made a decision to look for something that takes me so far out of my comfort zone, break the pattern and gain a new experience of life! That first thing led me to become Orgasmic Meditation Practitioner, then to ISTA retreats and many other personal growth courses.
Fast forward to now, I am so grateful to myself for taking that first step.

Men Afraid To Love & Be Loved

How easily can you offer Love and receive it?
Media and social conditioning have misconstrued the meaning of Love and the context for offering it. Because of this, Love is often equated with Sex, which has retrained our freedom to express it without fear of being misunderstood. Our ability to receive and offering Love authentically without fear has been influenced and constrained. Have you shaken off the shackles that have held you back from Loving and being Loved?

Fear of losing love, offering love and receiving love can thwart our life. How vibrantly do you embrace love in your life?

This workshop is focused on healing the relationship Men have to Love. It’s especially relevant to:
• Men who feel afraid to Love and receive Love
• Men who feel unworthy to Love and receive Love
• Men who are afraid, feel ashamed or resist offering Love to and receiving Love
platonically or in a relationship


Adam Weaver is the Principal of Connected Spirit Counselling. He offers a holistic and intuitive approach to counselling, inclusive of positive, solution focused, & transpersonal psychology that incorporates your spiritual, agnostic or atheistic beliefs. With a ‘mind-body-spirit’ focus, Adam collaborates with you to address personal obstacles and to strengthen your mental, emotional and physical well-being.


Postural Mansformation

If your posture sucks, this is the workshop for you. Unless you want your posture to suck, in which case, keep doing what you’ve been doing.

The benefits of better posture are real. But mostly when people ‘correct’ their posture, it just adds stiffness, breathlessness and effort.

Trouble is, ‘just relaxing’ isn’t enough to get you there either.

This workshop is about unlearning what you thought you knew about posture, and learning something that can actually work.

Why merely transform posture when you can mansform it at Menergy?

Michael Cann is a late-bloomer who developed decades of experience in crap posture, physical incompetence, and frustration before finally realising he’d been doing stupid shit that not only didn’t work, but prevented things getting better.

After he finally figured out his posture, he felt like he had glimpsed the face of God, and that everyone else should fall over themselves to do the same thing as he did.

So far, that hasn’t happened. But he hasn’t stopped hoping that he can workshop the world into a better place.

Michael is passionate about mansforming posture, and enjoys occasional puns.


Are You Courageously Authentic To Yourself?

Do you compromise living life authentically?
Do you modify what you say and do to fit in?
Do you live life trying to please others?
Are you afraid to express who you really are, in case you’re judged?
This workshop is designed to help you step over the threshold…to embrace being true to yourself. It’s designed to encourage you to make the shift into living a ‘Courageously Authentic Life’.
What’s holding you back from being true to yourself? Is it fear of rejection, failure, being criticized, or demeaned, feeling you will stand out, or the fear of being outcast?
If you want to experience living in your truth, and learn how to move through the inertia that’s been holding you back…. join me for an exhilarating workshop to courageously embrace being your authentic Self…


Adam Weaver is the Principal of Connected Spirit Counselling. He offers a holistic and intuitive approach to counselling, inclusive of positive, solution focused, & transpersonal psychology that incorporates your spiritual, agnostic or atheistic beliefs. With a ‘mind-body-spirit’ focus, Adam collaborates with you to address personal obstacles, and to strengthen your mental, emotional and physical well-being

Cultivating Joy - Practicing happiness

How often do you smile? How happy do you feel in your life?
Do you desire to connect more deeply with feelings of joy, happiness and fun in your life and access smiles, happiness and laughter more often?

Cultivating joy – practicing happiness delves into simple, easily achievable daily practices to bring more joy, happiness and laughter to life. These practices will assist reduce anxiety, stress and other less desired feelings, while connecting you to the present moment and positive flow of life.

The practices presented during this workshop are personal daily practices of Michael Akasha, personally derived from feelings of anxiety, stress, overwhelm and a lack of personal joy and happiness in his life. Since incorporating these practices, Michael has been able to be more present, reduce anxiety, stress and overwhelm, achieve a greater sense of connection to self and others, and maintain resilience to the challenges of life.

I, Michael Akasha, am the founder of the premier workshops, studios and events space in Melbourne, Second Story Studios, and have been managing the space for over 9 years since 2013.

During my time running Second Story I have participated in a plethora of different workshop experiences, ranging from reiki training, to reclaiming anger, yoni massage practitioner training, many breathwork experiences, ecstatic dances, cacao ceremonies, Dancing Eros intensives, shibari, yoga, mediations etc.

I am very well versed in all things workshops and I look forward to bringing this new workshop ‘Cultivating Joy – Practising Happiness’ to Menergy, as these practices have changed my life and my relationship to myself and the happiness and joy I experience in life.

Spontaneous Choir

How much fun can a group of vocalists have? Explore the simple, the profound, the interesting and hilarious possibilities with sound and movement. It began 30 years ago. Let it fire up your enthusiasm and enhance your engagement with your tribal self.

Led by science polymath and life explorer, Peter Gleeson, Spontaneous Choir began in 1992 as a way to teach overtone singing. It ended up providing primal human fun for 70,000 people. Mud Tribe plunged deeper into tribal behaviour in 1996. Life is what we make of it. Why not push it to the limits by establishing true human foundations?


Nature Connection Walk

Start your day with some fresh air, gentle exercise and a chance to connect mindfully with the natural world. We will take a slow walk up the hill overlooking the village, taking our time to notice the world around us and how we respond to being in nature.

It’s easy to forget that as humans we have spent 99.9% of our existence living in and within nature and that we should not now expect to be able to separate ourselves from nature in an evolutionary blink of an eye without consequence. Modern research is now rediscovering how spending time in nature boosts our immune system, lowers blood pressure, reduces anger and increases positive feelings.

Learn some simple techniques as we walk which will help you deepen your connection with nature and return for breakfast refreshed and enriched in both mind and body.


Richard is a certified Natural Mindfulness and Mindfulness-Based Ecotherapy guide. He guides groups on regular walks in nature around Melbourne where he enjoys sharing his love of walking and the outdoors with others. He also runs a Saturday walk & talk group for men in Blackburn twice a month.

Escaping Drama in our Relationships

This experiential workshop offers a practical framework for understanding why we can sometimes feel bad after having an argument and how we might get our needs met in our relationships and feel OK about ourselves and others.

This workshop is a standalone ‘taster’ from the Common Ground program by Mens Wellbeing, the not-for-profit organisation behind Menergy. The program challenges men to share their own unique experiences and their common ground as men in a range of areas including upbringing, fathers, relationships, masculinity, sex, intimacy and love.

At the end of this workshop, there will be a chance for men to learn a little more about the Common Ground program and when and where the next program will be running


Richard is a facilitator of the Common Ground program in Victoria and member of the Management Committee for Mens Wellbeing. He has been facilitating the Common Ground program in Victoria for over 5 years.


Get FIT (Financial Intelligence Training)

In this 90 minutes workshop you will learn to never have a financial emergency again, take control of your finances, stay in control of your financial destiny and map your financial future to your liking.


Since 2003 Uwe Jacobs, the founding director of Property Friends and published author of several books, including “The 7 Secrets of Highly Successful Property Investors”, has assisted clients with property investments.
His ultimate aim is to provide solutions for people aspiring to financial independence, choices in retirement, or leaving a legacy.

His experience as a full-time investor since 2003 and the Property Friends system has put many of his clients into a secure financial future, to an extent rarely achievable by most.
In fact it has guided several families to become Net Asset Millionaires.

In his “FIT” (Financial Intelligence Training) workshop, Uwe has trained close to 1,000 people already, to be up to speed financially. From the basics of finances to never running short of money, to mapping out your financial destiny and achieving it, this program is for anyone that comes in touch with money.

Self-Expressive dance release

Let the sounds and rhythms of the drum guide you as you move your body and release whatever is blocked and no longer serving you.

With the sounds of the shamanic drum, participants will be encouraged to move their body’s and to express any sounds or noises they feel to in a safe space with no judgement. Using breath and movement we will journey deep into our beings to release whatever is alive and necessary to shift so we can transform and expand into our innate power within. Creating a space free of judgement, men will have permission to go into themselves and release whatever is needed in order to access their true power within.
The intention is to drop us all deeper into our spirit and live from our authentic truth, to open our heart and live as we are meant to, connected to our hearts and power from within. Allow, let go, release.

The workshop will go for about an hour, with men moving and intuitively being guided to express themselves, and coming to an end with stillness.

After losing my father at 12 years old and having a turbulent relationship with my mother, I began the hard deep search of what is truth and the journey of what is to be a man. Coming into the masculine self has been a hard journey, after many plant medicine journeys and working with a Buddhist master for 7 years, I learnt many skills of meditation, dance, sound and energy healing, and now feel through the beginning of the journey of healing my own inner wounds with the father and the mother, which is an ongoing process, I’ve come to a sense of peace and stillness that I now want to share with and hold space for others. The love and compassion I have has led me to share my purpose in life which is to help others and be of service to help others connect and awaken to their truth. I have been through many lessons personally of self growth and have worked with many different modalities and teachings, learning much along the way.


Kundalini Rising? Trauma Releasing? Tantric Reawakening? Or Just TRE?

It’s been described as ‘the oldest medicine on earth.’
Iron John describes it as ‘learning to shudder.’
In this workshop we will use a simple technique to deliberately invoke spontaneous shaking, tremors & movements that help us to release the past, embrace the future & ground ourselves deeply in the present moment.
How you interpret your experience will be up to you.
While this workshop will be guided by a facilitator & we will use the TRE technique to connect with & self-regulate these involuntary processes, ultimately what you experience will be determined & lead by the innate wisdom of the organic life-force pulsating within you.

Richmond Heath is a Healer, Physiotherapist & TRE Trainer. He is one of the founding members of Menergy, served on the first 3 Menergy Organising Committees & has been described as ‘a part of the furniture’ at Menergy. This will be his first time attending & presenting as an acknowledged Elder of Menergy.


Telling the Truth

The purpose of the workshop is to give men an opportunity to realise the limits of their truth telling, and to be supported by the group to tell the truth to each other. At the same time, and in parallel, it is a workshop process in relation to projections.

I have emailed a full version of the workshop plan and process to you on

I tried to cut and paste it here but the website would not permit me to paste anything

David was born in England and moved to Queensland in 2000, as a 35 year old seeking adventure and challenge. He has been committed to deep truth since some amazing intiatory experiences in his late teens. He has studied extensively in tai chi, chi gung, zen shiatsu, has been mentored by a shaman, counselling, non violent communication, the work of Byron Katie and never stops learning. He is a lead facilitator for Mens Wellbeing Common Ground program, and regularly runs workshops and circles in personal development for men and women. He has also practised as a lawyer ( and is principal of a law firm) for over 30 years assisting some of the most traumatised and disadvantaged. He is committed to the deepest integrity, compassion and kindness. His workshops are challenging and delve deep in to shadow, where he holds the participants closely and safely with a mix of his deep reverence, flow and natural humour.

The Power of Your Story

We all have a multitude of stories we tell ourselves. Some stories empower our lives and others sabotage our effectiveness in the world. My premise is that there is more power in observing oneself, than anything else humans do. We either live unconsciously programmed from childhood (reaction) or consciously aware and responsive (action). In the workshop we explore the key elements of story. I use a story to illustrate “the hero’s journey.” Also, we explore one relationship in our lives (demonstration), that is challenging. I use live music in the workshop.

Stev has been studying and professionally telling stories for over 15 years. “The Power of Your Story”, is an original creation by Stev. He is trained in theatre arts, as a yoga teacher, in circus and has worked as a multi-skilled performer for 27 years. He works as a mime artist, is a lyricist, story writer and music composer. Stev has participated in three Vision Quest’s, over eight Vipassana’s and has initiated numerous men’s groups over the years. He also loves Menergy.


Comprehending modernity and decolonising ourselves

This workshop will be a facilitated interactive discussion of the nature of modern societies (both historically and in contemporary times). Depending on numbers, small group activities may be included alongside whole group dialogue and facilitator-led prompts and information-sharing. Topics covered will include Western culture, colonisation, modern societies as well as Indigenous worldviews, perspectives and philosophies. Practical decolonial actions that flow from these perspectives will also be considered along with potential emergent decolonised futures.

Professor Yin Paradies is a Wakaya man and Chair in Race Relations at Deakin University. He conducts research on the health, social and economic effects of racism, anti-racism theory, policy and practice as well as Indigenous knowledges and decolonisation. Yin is an anarchist ecological activist committed to interrupting the devastating impacts of modern societies. He seeks mutuality of becoming and embodied kinship with all life through transformed ways of knowing, being and doing grounded in wisdom, humility, respect, generosity, down-shifted collective sufficiency, voluntary simplicity, frugality, direct participation and radical localisation.

Feeling felt - The Key to Deep Intimacy in Relationships

We want to feel felt. Not just seen and heard, but felt. I can understand what is happening for someone but not be emotionally attuned to their experience. Deep intimacy comes from full presence, acceptance and attunement with myself and others. What’s happening in my body is registering in my partners’ body. And if I don’t have all the channels of emotion & experience open in myself, I won’t be able to attune fully to another. If I’m not willing to feel and experience all of myself, a certain level of intimacy and depth of relating won’t be available to me. And my relationships will feel that. They are inextricably linked. In this workshop, we will use experiential practices, communication techniques & somatic tools to deepen intimacy with ourselves and others. They will be provided in a step-by-step framework you can practice in your relationships, along with practical tips and “do’s and don’ts”. I hope this workshop opens up incredible new possibilities in your world of relating!

About me:
I am absolutely fascinated by relational dynamics. I am also a Recovery & Systems Invention Coach, on the Leader Body of Mankind Project Australia and recently launched a mentoring service for young men called “That Guy” with my son Campbell. See for more on “That Guy”. I was also recently Managing Director in the Strategy & Consulting practice for Accenture following my company’s (GRA Supply Chain) acquisition in early 2021. I was a Founder of GRA Supply Chain, an advisory firm focussing on Supply Chain & Organisational Capability with 24-year history, a team of 60+ professionals, offices across Australia and a Blue-Chip client base. I also lectured at Monash University at the Master’s Level. And as wonderful as all that sounds, right now, I’m floating about in a generally disoriented way feeling into what comes next after leaving a 25 year career!!


Know thy Nervous System - Polyvagal Mapping

“State precedes story”. The state of my nervous system, whether I’m feeling safe or not (referred to as neuroception), indelibly shapes my experience, the story I create about it and my behaviour. This workshop will explain:
+ the neuroscience of Polyvagal Theory (PVT)
+the three PVT states (known as the “Polyvagal Ladder”)
+ how to know where I am on the Ladder
+ how to move from dysregulation or “survival mode” back to regulation where I feel safe, connected and creative
Our nervous systems are shaped by our experiences, so we’ll create “Personal Profile Maps” in this workshop to understand our how we experience the three PVT states. This is an incredibly powerful orientation tool because if I know where I am, I can take the right steps to get to where I want to be. Put simply, it’s a map that applies to all experiences and interactions, and it’s an excellent framework to bring into relationships. PVT has been life changing for me, and I am excited to share this with you!

I am absolutely fascinated by relational dynamics and neuropsychology. I am also a Recovery & Systems Invention Coach, on the Leader Body of Mankind Project Australia and recently launched a mentoring service for young men called “That Guy” with my son Campbell. See I was also recently Managing Director in the Strategy & Consulting practice for Accenture following my company’s (GRA Supply Chain) acquisition in early 2021. I was a Founder of GRA Supply Chain, an advisory firm focussing on Supply Chain & Organisational Capability with 24-year history, a team of 60+ professionals, offices across Australia and a Blue-Chip client base. I also lectured at Monash University at the Master’s Level. And as wonderful as all that sounds, right now, I’m floating about in a generally disoriented way feeling into what comes next after leaving a 25 year career!!


Via a profoundly simple group process known as circling, men will have an opportunity to both see and be seen by each other more deeply. For no less than 30mins at a time, one man elects to be the focus of the entire group. The group has the intention to understand just what it’s like to be the man in focus. From a place of loving curiosity and acceptance we ask questions to more deeply get how this man navigates life. By exploring what is alive for him in this moment the space can lead to deeper insights and reflections about himself, whilst simultaneously creating deep empathy, resonance and mirroring for the rest of the group, through our shared challenges and experiences. This experience will undoubtedly leave its participants feeling more intimately connected and open hearted.

I am a deeply curious being. One who rides a tension between the thirst to understand everything and the wisdom of letting go and being in the wonder of the unknowable. I have been exploring mens work, rites of passage, vision quests, self awareness, nature connection and related inquiries and experiences for more than a decade now.
I gravitate to simple profound processes of deep connection, empathy and feelings work that form deeper, richer relationships with each other, our inner selves, our bodies and our environment.

Strengthening and connecting to your heart

This workshop will help participants open up the feeling centre within their (non-physical) heart so that they can begin to experience deep peace, connection and compassion in their interactions with others. The heart is a natural part of our consciousness but because of lifetimes of conditioning it is our brain that is more dominant. Creating an equilibrium between heart and mind can result in deeper wiser connections which are also more meaningful and purpose-filled.

I’m a group work facilitator and have worked with group dynamics that exist between people for many years. Being able to work with others in productive ways where we can connect across differences and hear other points of view with curiosity and open-ness is something I believe has the potential to radically change how we tackle the huge challenges of this unique time we are in.

Working with Wood ~ the beauty of grain and how to work with it

Whittling and Carving your own wooden spoon. Experience the inner and outer, exploring the relationships between concave and convex, edge and surface, straight line and curve, symmetry and balance. Focusing your conscious will and movement whilst creating a practical item of beauty and purpose. Participants please bring a sharp whittling knife and/or craft/stanley knife.

After 12 years as a musician and tradesmen, working in the engineering field, a spiritual path awoke. Previous skills metamorphosed into 25 years teaching in education, challenging himself in personal and professional development. Teaching and the manual arts are Glenn’s vocation and passion. He continues to be inspired and enlivened developing and facilitating conferences and workshops. He is actively involved in men’s work; facilitating father and son events, and co-creating various men’s events.

Discovering the Power of Gratitude and Character.

This workshop will allow participants to discover the power that Gratitude can have when integrated into our lives and gain clarity of their purpose and how to live on purpose. Through practical activities built on research and proven through one’s own experiential learning, we will explore the strengths of each person’s characters and how speaking the language of character can transform your life and the lives of those around you. Starting with Gratitude we will explore 120 character traits and end with how it all connects to our individual and collective purpose.

Evolution Hacker, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Strategist & Adviser. Passionate to assist purpose orientated leaders build high performance team cultures built on the 5Ps of Purpose, People, Performance, Profit and Planet.

Expert in evolution, mindset, character and culture. 14 years in consulting for strategy, performance, leadership and culture to 600+ companies.

Start-up success rate of higher than 65% where global average is less than 5%. My greatest strengths are assisting organisations and individuals find meaning and live with purpose and balance.

I am the Founder of ShareTree and Vative, a passionate keynote speaker, philanthropist and have worked closely with some of Australia’s largest organisations and their leaders.

Make a Difference Round Table

There may come a time in a man’s life when he looks for ways to make a difference in the world. That agency that breathes within us all becomes awakened and a vision comes into life.Maybe they are able to heed the calling of their future self, and find themselves embarking on a mission, being called into a journey of purpose in the world.

This workshop will explore whatit means to make a difference in the world. Join us for a round table conversation with some leading lights of our community who are actively engaged in making a difference in the world, and learn about their journey into purpose and how to connect with your vision, and how to walk your own journey of passion and purpose in the world.

After spending his entire life trying to beat reality into submission with his mind, Simon finally began to grow up in his late 30s. His journey within led him ultimately to Menergy – and thus began his journey of the heart. Simon is a technologist, musician, armchair poet and public speaker who is fascinated by growth and all the many wonderful ways in which we are all connected.


It is the shaman within us that knows what we want and how to create it. It is the shaman in you that has things that really matter to you that you would love to bring to the world. We would all love to be able to create our hearts desire and bring our dreams to a living reality. Yet, despite our best intentions, our hard work, the promises we make to ourselves and others,we often fall short of our goals, and often barely have the momentum to begin.

The shaman in you will show you how to hold a new state of awareness that you need, to live on a high frequency creative flow. I will show you the key to altered states of consciousness, without dance, drum, rattle, fasting, isolation, hallucinogens or intoxicants. If you are curious about exploring the shaman within or being a shaman of your own lineage – Come join me.

Ian is a coach and teacher in creative awareness for over fifteen years, fostering leaders of conscious change through work shop trainings,retreats, presentations, yearlong webinar intensives and one on one coaching clientele in Australia and Europe.

I am a shaman, with a deeply spiritual relationship with imagination and intuition, and
a real love of nature as a teacher. The shaman within is the being within, the inner deity, the magnificent man. The magic is within me and you. We all have massive inner resources and are amazing beings.

We have the ability to draw on our own wisdom and allow others to draw on theirs. We all have a personal myth that binds us to the past. Shamanism unravels that myth and allows us to step into our great mythology where the great man within (the shaman) resides.

My mission is to awaken that greatness, that magnificence and help build a world of possibility for ourselves and the generations that follow.

The time is ripe.