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2019 workshops

The workshops offered at Menergy are done so by men who are currently offering services and programs in the community and have come to Menergy to share their knowledge and skills with you. No facilitators are paid and they too pay a fee to attend. These men are usually deeply committed to serving men and helping you attain the best out of yourself. All facilitators are here to provide a safe and unique opportunity for yourself and other men to learn and be supported by those around you. It can be a very powerful and transformative experience to participate in the workshops as a group of men. At all times safety, respect and integrity are maintained for all those attending. Not all workshops are ‘deep’ or of an emotional nature, we also encourage light hearted fun workshops too to decompress and relax and let our inner kid have some fun too. During the course of the event workshop facilitators will get up in front of the group to explain and ‘spruik’ their workshop to you. You are not compelled to attend and we encourage you not to get overloaded with workshops and take some time out to connect with others, or you can chill out and explore the location at your leisure.

2019 Workshop Program

Menergy 2019
The Alchemical Dance Of Shiva Nataraj

This Workshop explores the Deity Of Shiva, and through Mythology, Storytelling, Yoga, Dance and Reflection how he lives inside us. More importantly how we can practically embody Him and allow His Presence to be a Guiding force of Positive change in our world. As the God of Transformation, this Deity can cut away things that keep us stuck in old habits and allow us to create something anew that will “make a difference” in our own lives and the lives of all we touch and who cross our path. Our very Presence then creates change, healing and alchemy. NO DANCE EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY – just an Open Heart and Soul ready to Change for GOOD!!

First an optometrist, then a dancer/choreographer, a subsequent injury and illness forced Andrew to give it all up and seek a healing path. Yoga healed his heart, mind and body, and he fell in love with it, studying vigilantly and teaching to packed classes by 1999.
As a transpersonal counsellor he had a very clear vision that his gifts and passions were best directed in the power of group, mythology and the potent healing energy of personal and universal stories. He now combines his love of Yoga with his passion for transpersonal healing to create Transformative spaces for his students.
His unique teaching style is rich in Tantric Philosophy, filled with Inspiration, Storytelling, Mantra and the Spirit of the Divine.
Andrew has 20 yrs experience as a yoga instructor, 18 yrs in transpersonal counselling and 25 Years experience in the Creative Arts Fields.

Pirate Yoga

Pirate Yoga is a 90-minute adventure of spirituality through individuality, freedom, creativity, teamwork, swordplay, yelling and yoga. A journey of mind-bending hilarity and deep Zen led bythe infamous Captain Rivers, a man on a mission to recruit and train heroes across the globe in a quest for a better world.

Timothy (Captain Rivers) Stubbs is a renegade from Melbourne, Australia.

A graduate of Swinburne University in Film & Television Tim spent his early adulthood in the Australian Army Reserve acheiving the rank of Trooper in the 4/19th Armored Infantry division specialising in reconnaissance, navigation and seach and rescue.

He has been involved in Men’s Work for over 15 years working for two international dating coaching companies Pickup 101 and The Natural Lifestyles as well as leading workshops and speaking at seminars across Australia, America and Europe. This is Tim’s fourth Menergy and he feels honored to be able to contribute his offering of Pirate Yoga as part of the amazing weekend in Licola.

Haka Workshop

Kia ora everyone. In this workshop we are going to learn a bit about different haka where and when they were used and how to respect this art form. We are then going to learn a haka! Kia mau! Hi! 

Kia ora I’m Remy, I am a New Zealand Pākehā (european) who studied in Māori schools for 11 years and competed in kapa haka competitions throughout my time in school.
I fell in love with Māori culture when I was 5 and would love to share this art form with you. Tumeke!

Finding Your True North Redefining passion and purpose through story and movement

This will be a fun interactive workshop of self-discovery and human connection. From buildingrelationships and releasing your inner child, to understanding the importance of a good work-life balance, ‘Finding Your True North’ is all about getting our lives back on track and becoming the best version of ourselves!

Public speaking, yoga and outdoor therapy are Tom’s true loves, and, It is through his burning devotion to help others find their purpose and passion that he has been able to reach over 10,000 people with irrevocably positive results.
Mantra La La

MANTRA LA LA – Through HIStory Tribes orally shared stories – teaching their young everything about their Tribe. This gave them time to be seen, heard and acknowledged. In our World this has been lost. In this Uplifting Workshop you will have the opportunity to find your voice and celebrate through a common voice, with Intensity, Love, Courage, Compassion, Community invoking the power of generations past. You will feel the presence of your presentand past Spirit, and looking forward, to creating your Legacy for future generationsA LEGACY can inspire a Man To Move Mountains. A CALLING INSPIRES A MAN TO MOVE THE WORLD. The power of BEING IN STRONG VOICE. Be Seen In Their Power and Sovereignty.Their MANTRA – A GIFT to loved ones and Tribe. A LEGACY can inspire a Man To Move Mountains. A CALLING INSPIRES A MAN TO MOVE THE WORLD

David Belfer is a man on a mission: To bring out the inner beauty and light of all. David has taught and facilitated internationally since the 1990s, delivering workshops such as; Future Warrior, Return of the Magician and True King. He’s no stranger to the men’s space either, having learned from his many mentors, David has continued to run men’s and mixed circles together with his life partner to today. In his own words: ‘I’m always looking to give more and draw out teh magic and lessons from individuals or groups’. We’re super excited to have his presence at Menergy this year sharing his magic and medicine.

DragShop - Make a Difference in a dress!

This workshop will explore all things Drag. Each man will have an opportunity to see what feelings arise while playing dress-ups, experimenting with make up and sparkles, and performing, strutting and dancing in the comfort of sexy, slinky, swanky skirts and dresses. This workshop is exclusively for those of you who want to have FUN in FEM!!!

Mikey is a man that loves to explore the depths of all that is available in this world. He has spent his years dancing across the earth; studying, playing, travelling, and engaged in various businesses. He loves to do his bit in improving the lives of the men (and women) of his community. Through his life, Mikey has loved playing with all things fem and doesn’t understand why makeup and dresses are exclusively enjoyed by women. Mikey is extremely excited to take the Menergy men on a fabulous, vibrant and colourful journey of the drag-queens capacity to make a difference.

Dancing Eros- a journey of sexual awakening for me.

As humans we have this extraordinary gift of being connected to a living current of life force, our sexual energy. Beyond just who we have sex with, this energy is the living current that can infuse our whole life with passion, vitality and power. In this workshop I will take you through movement and breath journey to connect with your own life force, through meeting 5 archetypes of your feminine sexual power. This work has transformed thousands of women’s, and more recently men’s lives and I am honoured to be the first ever man to be sharing this work. Let’s see how alive we can truly be.

I am the founder of the Warriors of Love, a long running program to serve people who want to awaken their love AND their action. My mission is to help these warriors to rise and bring forth a world shaped by love. I am also a bumbling human, father, son, friend and dancer finding how to live what I so passionately teach.

Cock Circle

Every man has a story about his cock. Our cocks have histories. Our cocks are sources of both pleasure and of pain. Our cocks have scars, both physical and emotional. They carry our strength and bear our shame. Often the stories we tell ourselves about our cocks remain private, hidden in stigma.

Then there are the stories our society tells us about our cocks: cocks are dangerous, men think only with their cocks or that circumcision doesn’t hurt men, to name a few.

This is a men’s circle with a difference. You are invited to become as naked and vulnerable as you are comfortable and share your cock’s stories that you have never been able to share before. And perhaps in the sharing you’ll find that the stories about your cock are not so different to other men’s…

This workshop is open cock-bearing males and non-cock-bearing males alike. 

Robin Wilkinson is a healer, writer and ritualist with a focus on men’s and family lineage work through the medium of archetype and creative expression. His passion is promoting the importance of ritual in personal and public life, removed from the baggage of religion, spirituality and new ageism. He runs his own private counselling practise in addition to Rite Stuff, a ritual consultancy, and is active in men’s circles and rites of passage work.

Identity As A Man - Exploring Sexual & Emotional Needs

This workshop will offer a safe space to explore, reflect and discuss sexual and emotional needs and how they influence our identity as a man, both inwardly and as projected to the world. The intention of the workshop is for each man to deepen his understanding of himself and others. This is a rare opportunity to share these sometimes taboo, and often unspoken topics with other men without judgement and prejudice.

Adam Weaver is the principal of Connected Spirit, a qualified and registered counsellor who’s studied mysticism and eastern philosophy for over 30 years. Connected Spirit offers Spiritual Counselling, Mentoring and Workshops for clients to overcome their challenges in life, to align with their wellspring of Love, and to unfold their greater potential.

Nick Columb is a transpersonal counsellor and workshop facilitator. His passion lies within the men’s work space and he’s passionate about delivering workshops that challenge and encourage personal growth in a safe space for participants. Recent life-changing and powerful personal-life experiences have inspired this co-facilitated workshop.

The body mechanics of full body orgasms

Full body orgasms are the “”unicorns”” of the tantric world – are they even real?! In this session, we will dive into the body mechanics of what happens during a FBO and learn some of the practices that help to bring them on.

Nicolas Spadaccini is an engineer, author, film maker and life-long student of all things Tantra. He has a refreshingly ‘open’ way of talking about the ‘not so talked about’ parts of our sexual bodies. In 2016, Nicolas started writing the soon to be released book entitled, “Penises & Vaginas – A Users Manual”. It’s a hand guide of the basics about our sexual bodies that are often overlooked in the mainstream.

Nicolas loves to de-mystify, clarify and make light of the human anatomy and its endless potential for power, pleasure and awakening.

Understanding the Feminine

The feminine energy is quite often a mystery to men. We think women are wild, crazy, chaotic and unpredictable. We don’t know how to handle their emotions, their depth of feelings, their ability to be fine one moment and then completely mad the next. It is the most suppressed and oppressed energy in our world today. As men we leave femininity up to women. But with this we lose touch of the beauty, the power and the abundance that the feminine energy brings. We will delve into feminine energy and start to bring it to the surface, start to unpack and uncover the mystery of the feminine. Revealing her truths, her secrets and her gifts for us as men.

Tyran Mowbray was a bricklayer, a miner and a footy player. He suppressed lots of his emotions and ignored his ability to feel love and express his feelings for fear of being labelled gay, soft, a pussy and so on. His realization of self disgust took him on a journey all over the world looking inwards and finding out the inner workings of his mind and soul. He has liberated himself from fear around sexual expression, vulnerability, being too much, being not enough and so on. He grew up with many unhealthy representations of masculinity and has now dedicated his life to supporting his brothers from no longer being stuck in an old paradigm of masculinity.

Suicide Sharing Circle

A simple, open-hearted sharing circle for men in relation to anything to do with suicide. It could be unresolved or unexpressed emotions in relation to loved ones lost to suicide (such as anger, shame, regret, sadness, grief, helplessness, remorse, love, gratitude, unspoken words etc), sharing your own journey with suicidality, or opening to embodied empathy with the depth of pain and suffering your loved one(s) went through on their journey to taking their own life. No therapy, no rescuing, no judgement, simply witnessing each other in the truth of our stories as a community of loving men. Afterwards, there will also be an opportunity to partake in a cabaret performance to share the space with the rest of the gathering.

I was a founding member of Menergy and served on the first 3 Menergy Committees. I have run a range of workshops at Menergy over the last 7 years and been involved in mens work for more than 15 years. I bring a strong comittment to truth, presence and the power of sharing and witnessing men in the truth of our stories with heartfelt compassion free of judgement, rescuing or shame.

Good Grief

Grief is how we process loss and pain, whether it’s the ending of a relationship, a death, illness, moving house or jobs, the end of a dream, or the childhood we wished for but didn’t get. This workshop will give guidance on how to grieve and how to hold safe space for men to grieve in community.

Mike loves facilitating and helping people discover their own truths. He is the co-founder of Innate Wisdom Connection running workshops on healing, trauma and deep ecology around Australia.

The Power of Emotion Resilience

In this workshop I will be teaching a powerful, unique, fast, and effective technique that will enable you to process and release trapped or suppressed negative emotions from your central nervous system.

The technique was taught to me by a man who developed it while spending time in prison. After using it to clear and process his own emotions he began using it to help other inmates. This experience refined the technique into a powerful tool which he then taught to me.

In this workshop you will learn how to access your unconscious mind and free yourself from emotional blockages.

Each man will take turns guiding another through the process, giving them a chance to experience and acknowledge their own unique gift of helping others.

Nathan Meola is an coach, mentor, and speaker dedicated to helping men transform their lives by teaching them how to access the power of emotional resilience.

He believes that within every man is a raging fire of passion, love, and purpose. He helps men to answer their unique call to greatness through courage and action.


One person volunteers to be the “focus”. The rest of the circle give them their complete presence for 30 mins. From a place of loving curiosity, the others may then ask the “focus” questions to better understand and experience how it is to be them in this moment.

Receiving questions and reflections from others reliably aids the focus to navigate to deeper insights about themselves and how they appear to others. They most often end feeling deeply seen, understood by and connected to the others in the circle. The others gain an intimate understanding of the perspectives, behaviours, history and stories of another.

They may gain insights and alternatives for themselves and feel deep compassion and connection to the other. They may experience rich feelings and emotions alongside or in response to the experience of the other and ultimately, they are offered the priceless and beautiful gift of someone allowing themselves to be deeply seen.

After living most of my adult life as a deeply curious thinker with an analytical engineering mind, building robotic (animatronic) creatures for the entertainment industry, I began to realise, through experiencing phenomena outside the bounds of my rational mind, that life had so much more to offer me beyond the comfortable and safe realms of understanding and certainty.

Through numerous years of self discovery in a multitude of healing modalities, workshops, mens work, rites of passage, relationships, fatherhood and councelling studies, I now seek to continue this journey by creating, supporting and facilitating spaces that assist others to expand the realms of what may currently feel possible for them. I believe that by unlocking the energy of authentic feelings and emotions we may find deeper connection and reverance for ourselves, each other and our environment.

Men & Anger – The journey from Foe to Friend

Brother, it is time to talk about Anger – the primal force that is in every one of us!

The force, that left untamed can posture, threaten, violate, injure, mutilate and destroy – anything. The force, that wielded with immaturity abuses the earth, attempts to conquer nature, wreaks havoc in relationships and has resulted in association of men being dangerous and unpredictable.

Yet there is a bright side, a responsible side of Anger – it has the capacity to produce completely different outcomes. In the hearts of men with a healthy relationship to Anger this force can protect, establish safe boundaries, show up with integrity and love fiercely.

To make a difference in this world we, as men, need to own our Anger, to become bigger than it!

Are you willing to show up and look at your relationship with Anger?

We can’t do this on our own – let’s do it together!

Gero is a Melbourne-based facilitator and therapist; he is deeply curious about how we, as men, do the ‘being human’ and how we interact with life.

As a Possibility Manager and co-founder of The Art of Relating he enjoys working with people; navigating the feelings and emotions that arise in contact with an increasingly fast-paced and complex world. His signature training ‘Reclaiming Anger’ has been a consistent feature in the personal development scene of Melbourne for years.

He is looking forward to getting involved in his 6th Menergy gathering – to see this community grow and the ripples to go out as we serve to make a difference in the world.

Awakening Abundance to Wealth

We all have the birthright to live an abundant life. However, our school system and the society in general have not been supportive in giving men the mindset or the tools to be financially abundant. Instead, we have been conditioned into the lack mentality.

Financial stress is a major contributor to men’s mental health and relationship breakdowns. It is critical that men have the right mindset and tools to be financially free. Awakening Abundance workshop helps men to create the mindset required to live a financially abundant life.

We will go through various conditioning and belief systems around money; as well as tools and techniques to change the belief systems and align our minds to attract what we want.

David Tong is a Wealth Coach, and the author of the book, How Cash Works. He has achieved financial freedom for himself at the age of 36, and has discovered the secrets of aligning his conscious and subconscious minds to manifest what he wants. In a world of abundance, David believes strongly that what he’s learnt should be taught to anyone who wants to listen, as there is enough for everyone to live abundantly. David is also a Certified Master NLP Practitioner, and a Certified Akashic Records Practitioner.

Embodying The Hero's Journey

A unique and dynamic sacred circle that invites men to overcome their challenges through initiation, rebirth, transformation and healing. Employing meditation, movement and voice, the circle draws on the Jungian masculine archetypes of King, Warrior, Magician and Lover to embody the psychospiritual and physiological cycle of Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey – the monomyth which forms a life template common to every man.

Asher is a qualified mindset and leadership coach, as well as a certified HeartMath and Wim Hof Method instructor. He is the current president of Meditation Australia, the national peak body representing meditation and meditation teachers. Employing breathwork, meditation and heart-based techniques, Asher also uses shamanic practices to inform his work. He hosts the men’s circle, Warrior Within, which has touched the lives of over 100 men across Victoria, raising in excess of $8000 for charity. Asher is an ambassador for various charities including Love Me Love You, MPNAA and The Resilient Leaders Foundation.

The Dark Masculine

Empowering the Dark Masculine within the Man. Creating a strong sense of self so that each man can stand and speak for his truth in a way that is clear and powerful, without needing to be in uncontrolled rage.

Dedicated to bringing more love and compassion into how humans interact with one another, through building self love, trust and clear expression of boundaries. From here we can build a Creative Sovereign Society, where people take responsibility for themselves and care for those around them. I am very passionate about bringing in conscious awareness around sexuality and the healthy empowerment of Men, Women and Couples.

Stand in your power

Being powerful can take many forms; yet being powerfully seen by others and feeling strong has a lot to do with vulnerability. Vulnerable conversations are the most powerful, it’s a way to truly be seen by another. It’s also a way of being honest with yourself and empowered to moveforward. So let’s explore your power in vulnerability.

Vulnerability has been a transformational tool in my personal and professional life. In order to heal my wounds as a man and understand my fathers actions, i’ve had to have some very vulnerable conversations with him. As a married man who has cheated previously in my relationship, vulnerability has been the tool which has enabled us to heal and grow past large pains.

Forging Excalibur - Igniting the Forge

Igniting the Forge is the initial workshop in a series of Forging Excalibur programs I facilitate. It is designed to light the fire within a man to realise that what he believes about himself, his environment, relationships and his life is a reflection of his internal state only and not reflective of his potential for limitlessness. This is designed to help Men see the spark of divinity within them and be able to then explore his inherent quest for purpose and innate wisdom to know what the path towards it is..

I am a Men’s Mentor & Relationship Coach with 15 years experience in helping Men to find purpose and meaning in life and couples to create a more conscious and connected relationship.

I believe Men are suffering from a crisis of Purpose. I see Men who are frustrated with their empty lives.Most Men feel dissatisfied with their career.And almost all Men don’t enjoy great Relationships.My mission in Life is to help Men realise their potential for limitlessness.
My purpose it to guide Men toward their Quintessence.

Their most perfect state of being.
It is with this purpose, I take Men on a quest…
A quest seeking their Quintessence so they can live a life of purpose that has meaning doing something they love whilst enjoying fulfilling relationships.

I am married; live in Melbourne and have 3 children.

Leading with Primal Presence

As men and leaders in our communities we hold space, see deeply and call our Tribe forward. Our full presence can be the greatest gift we give someone, it can be the rock that allows full surrender and transformation and when done without deep integrated intention it can be the thing that creates a space of unease, distrust and even fear. How we show up as a present leader matters. In this workshop you’ll activate your full body presence, practice engaging as an integrated masculine leader and learn how to reach a state of Primal Zero.

Matthew Liam Gardner is a Global Change Leader, Speaker and Master Facilitator. Over the past decade he has facilitated experiences for over 79,000 people. His brainchild events ‘Conscious Leaders’ are rapidly expanding around the world. Matthew is passionate about the untapped power of our primal nature and supporting men to hold themselves and others as integrated kings.

How to Breakthrough your Sabotaging Patterns and Limiting Beliefs, Unlock your Truest Potential and reclaim your Power and Presents as a King

Typically, in our modern culture, we regard darkness as bad or evil or something to be avoided. Yet… half of everything that exists is dark. Scientists tell us that the majority of the universe is dark matter and we now know that it’s the suppression of our darker drives that cause them to be expressed unconsciously. If you want to retrieve the parts of yourself that you left behind, come play in the dark.

Barry Magliarditi is the founder and director of The Game Changers.

Barry has been recognised for his thought leadership by the 30 under 30, Multiple Telstra Business awards and was selected as the winner of the 2016 Invia business coach of the year.

His training programs are used by 100’s of companies around the world and he continues to push the boundaries. He travels close to 800,000 kilometres each year speaking around the world ……. and he tells us his baggage goes twice as far.

Last year Barry launch a Podcast called The Comeback Game, which shares the trials and tribulations of some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world on their journey to success and has reached over 1,000,000 business owners since launching mid last year

A master of his craft, often described as a” Magician”, Barry is always entertaining, heart-based deeply transformational and life-changing while upholding deep respect for every individual and their story that comes before him.

The New King and the $ervant

This process we will develop the awareness needed to help men embody the King archetype in a new way. It will focus on how the power of money and business is wielded or wields us, in these times we are facing.

Rich latimer is an entrepreneur, business owner, husband/father and men’s work facilitator with a vision and a mission to bring more awareness to our spiritual, mental and professional well-being.

He’s a modern day media and communications mystro, holding down the digital marketing agency “Rich Training” offering a 360 digital service to 50+ clients with the CMS (Complete Marketing Program). In addition to that, Rich is the founder and chairman of mental health organisation “Awareness Shows” aimed and inspiring highschool students through music and story-telling.

Rich is committed to his motto “”love, learn and serve”” on this planet in a big way with music and digital communications as his vehicle for change. 

The Nourishing Dark : A ritual

Typically in our modern culture, we regard darkness as bad or evil or something to be avoided. yet.. half of everything that exists is dark. scientists tell us that the majority of the universe is dark matter and we now know that it’s the suppression of our darker drives that cause them to be expressed unconsciously. if you want to retrieve the parts of yourself that you left behind, come play in the dark.

Dane Tomas is a writer, rapper, and creative entrepreneur. He’s also a long term student of spirituality, magick and personal development. His most recent pre-occupation is the integration of light and dark, masculine and feminine energies.

When he’s not involved in seances and sex rituals in the forest Dane also likes normal things like Brazilian Jiujitsu, tacos and Netflix.

Nature's Guidance

This offering is a guided practice into the subtleties of our natural world and how it is to be human amongst it. We will explore different methods in how to enhance sensations and drop into our being’s deeper purpose. It will be a creative community building and experiential workshop, exploring many different facets of you and nature. Using Nature as our guide we can receive all that we need.

Tiaan is a Videographer, Wildlife enthusiast, a performer and a Coach for a range of self development modalities including: embodiment practices, massage and Men’s work . He has been journeying with Self Development for the last 6 years, diving deep into Rewilding, Sexuality and Shamanic practices.
He has been working in the film Industry for 9 years and has traveled around the world working on many different projects. 

EcoMan: Warrior of the Human Spirit - healing ourselves, our communities and the planet

An inspiring and moving deep ecology workshop that will explore what it is to be a man in times of ecological, social and spiritual crisis.

Grief and empowerment are two pillars to support the learning and the emergence of a new story that nourishes life. New inner tools of resilience, insight, compassion and courage will be needed.

As men, we will go deep and explore the current loss and move forward to a new story of hope and possibility as a community. Men that are fearless and will stand up to protect and nourish life, our brothers, sisters and all existence.

If you are ready to deep dive and come out with new eyes and a bold heart then this is for you.

We will explore:
• Our radical interconnectedness
• Grief and empowerment rituals
• Deep time work – future generations
• Going forth ritual

Gilbert has been involved in the men’s wellbeing and deep ecology movement since 1992 and is passionate about creating a life sustaining story for humanity through his work in community resilience and wellbeing.

Gilbert is recognised globally as a leading voice in Placemaking and building healthy and thriving communities, having worked in over 1000 cities and countries around the world.

He is passionate about creating and facilitating deep safe spaces to explore our authentic and ecological selves – the integral and conscious man willing to stand up, be seen, be heard and make a difference.

Deep ecology is how we are radically interconnected with life, it creates a new roadmap of how to live a good and natural life.

Discovering the Power of Gratitude and Character.

This workshop will allow participants to discover the power that Gratitude can have when integrated into our lives and gain clarity of their purpose and how to live on purpose. Through practical activities built on research and proven through one’s own experiential learning, we will explore the strengths of each person’s characters and how speaking the language of character can transform your life and the lives of those around you. Starting with Gratitude we will explore 120 character traits and end with how it all connects to our individual and collective purpose.

Evolution Hacker, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Strategist & Adviser. Passionate to assist purpose orientated leaders build high performance team cultures built on the 5Ps of Purpose, People, Performance, Profit and Planet.

Expert in evolution, mindset, character and culture. 14 years in consulting for strategy, performance, leadership and culture to 600+ companies.

Start-up success rate of higher than 65% where global average is less than 5%. My greatest strengths are assisting organisations and individuals find meaning and live with purpose and balance.

I am the Founder of ShareTree and Vative, a passionate keynote speaker, philanthropist and have worked closely with some of Australia’s largest organisations and their leaders.

Make a Difference Round Table

There may come a time in a man’s life when he looks for ways to make a difference in the world. That agency that breathes within us all becomes awakened and a vision comes into life.Maybe they are able to heed the calling of their future self, and find themselves embarking on a mission, being called into a journey of purpose in the world.

This workshop will explore whatit means to make a difference in the world. Join us for a round table conversation with some leading lights of our community who are actively engaged in making a difference in the world, and learn about their journey into purpose and how to connect with your vision, and how to walk your own journey of passion and purpose in the world.

After spending his entire life trying to beat reality into submission with his mind, Simon finally began to grow up in his late 30s. His journey within led him ultimately to Menergy – and thus began his journey of the heart. Simon is a technologist, musician, armchair poet and public speaker who is fascinated by growth and all the many wonderful ways in which we are all connected.


It is the shaman within us that knows what we want and how to create it. It is the shaman in you that has things that really matter to you that you would love to bring to the world. We would all love to be able to create our hearts desire and bring our dreams to a living reality. Yet, despite our best intentions, our hard work, the promises we make to ourselves and others,we often fall short of our goals, and often barely have the momentum to begin.

The shaman in you will show you how to hold a new state of awareness that you need, to live on a high frequency creative flow. I will show you the key to altered states of consciousness, without dance, drum, rattle, fasting, isolation, hallucinogens or intoxicants. If you are curious about exploring the shaman within or being a shaman of your own lineage – Come join me.

Ian is a coach and teacher in creative awareness for over fifteen years, fostering leaders of conscious change through work shop trainings,retreats, presentations, yearlong webinar intensives and one on one coaching clientele in Australia and Europe.

I am a shaman, with a deeply spiritual relationship with imagination and intuition, and
a real love of nature as a teacher. The shaman within is the being within, the inner deity, the magnificent man. The magic is within me and you. We all have massive inner resources and are amazing beings.

We have the ability to draw on our own wisdom and allow others to draw on theirs. We all have a personal myth that binds us to the past. Shamanism unravels that myth and allows us to step into our great mythology where the great man within (the shaman) resides.

My mission is to awaken that greatness, that magnificence and help build a world of possibility for ourselves and the generations that follow.

The time is ripe.

Fatherhood 2020

It’s an exciting time to be a dad. There is growing recognition of the important role that dads play in their children’s lives. Never before have we had such permission to express our tenderness and deepen our connections with our kids. But with this newfound freedom comesexpectation and challenges.

We are now expected to provide physical and emotional support during childbirth without the wisdom required to keep it natural and safe. Open to hopeful, expecting and established fathers this workshop gives confidence to be the best dads you can be from pregnancy through to birth and beyond.

Steven Kennedy founded birthing dads after supporting the birth of his son Rory in 2017. When Rory arrived by emergency caesarean with an APGAR score of 1 he was immediately rushed to special care. Thankfully baby Rory made a swift recovery but Steven’s transition to fatherhood was somewhat tainted by the experience. Studying a Masters of Engineering at the time, with access to the latest research from across the globe, Steven began reading everything he could about modern birth culture. The impacts that it is having on new parents shocked him into action.

Outside of his day job and parenting duties Steven co facilitates the Melbourne branch of Beer and Bubs and a healthy relationship, primary prevention program called Baby Makes 3. 

Leading For A Living: Why You're Not Living Your Legacy...Yet

This workshop is built to powerfully guide participants through a transformational, yet tactical process of discovering what is delaying or denying them stepping into their next level of leadership. Equal parts educational and experiential, JuVan spearheads a provocative conversation that is certain to offer participants deep healing and unshakable clarity.

Best known in leadership circles as the “Global Voice of Men’s Empowerment”, JuVan Langford is a world-renowned Men’s Health & Wellness Expert and entrepreneur who serves as Founder and CEO of The MENtour™. For the past four years, he has served as an advisor for a host of corporate, celebrity and culture icons providing strategic counsel and support to individuals and organizations on how to navigate challenging issues.

6 Ways To Stop F*cking Yourself Over!

SELF SABOTAGE is a real pain in the ass. Have you ever taken 2 steps forward, only to take a few steps back? Of course you have – you’re human. And something that we humans are reallygood at is finding a way to f*ck ourselves over… Seriously, It’s F*cked.

The worst part is that we are doing it, yet we STILL do it! Why? Come to this workshop and not only will I help you understand why – I’ll show you how you can put an end to it. If you want to stop f*cking yourself over and want to start seeing some big improvements in your health, wealth, love andhappiness… Do this workshop. (You’ll thank yourself later)

My name is Haydn and I am all about helping people get out of their own way, both in their personal life AND in business.

My superpower is being able to quickly pinpoint what’s happening for people ‘under the surface,’ then ask the right questions to help bring clarity and spark positive change.

You can find me facilitating personal development workshops and leading business masterminds (if I’m not out bombing hills on my skateboard or listening to music too loudly).
I’m super friendly, so if you want to have a chat to see if I can assist you in some way personally or in business… Just say “”hi.””
Always down to talk potential collabs too.

My Future Avatar

Future Avatar work is a powerful tool in establishing clarity for us in our lives and guiding us to claim our true power. From this place we can express our true passion and that’s where we make a difference in the world.

Participants are guided to flesh out a whole new idea of their future Self; creating Avatars of their future. We claim those possibilities and bring them into our lives.

Over the past 10 years working with a diverse range of people, I have found this work highly effective in creating fresh and clear paths to our future Selves. It is particularly powerful in working with men because it has tangible and physical aspects and is not just about talking and rehashing.

This is a feelgood workshop. It is about building strength and clarity in our purpose in life. All participants will take away practical tools to use in everyday life after Menergy.

Trevor Cohen has worked in a wide variety of therapeutic modalities. He runs a psychotherapy practice in Brisbane. He has post-graduate training as an integrative Somatic Psychotherapist. He has taught yoga for 16 years and is an experienced body worker. He has many years experience working with young people and facilitating groups and retreats.

He is a skilled counselor, with over ten years experience in helping clients improve their relationships, aliveness and have better lives. He expertly guides clients to overcome negative patterns and reconnect to their inherent goodness.

Cold Therapy

Challenge your mind.
Let go of the resistance.
Feel alive through the magic of Cold Therapy!

Let’s begin the day in nature with some deep breathing, community connection and icy cold water. Why? Well here are just a few benefits about cold therapy:

– It supercharges your immune system
– Reduces depression
– Improves your lymphatic system
– And reduces body fat & inflammation

Please bring a towel and an open mind.

The cold is our teacher.
The breath is our guide.
See you there!”

Personally, I’ve found great teachings through the discipline of cold therapy. Its taught me presence, body awareness, mindfulness, boosted my energy and challenged me.

Wim Hof (The Iceman) has been a big inspiration of mine. I’ve volunteered at his Melbourne workshops and I’ve completed his Foundations course.

It’s with great pleasure that I’m sharing my passion and learnings with those who feel drawn to experience it.


Playfighting is friendly playful wrestling. My experience of playfighting is a deep sense of re-connection with primal instincts – and a sense of liberation and wild freedom. I’ve found playfighting to be greatly healing as a man, by allowing me to release strong energies in a constructive way that helps me feel truly alive. The session will include lots of laughter and wild playful sharing of energy in a safe and friendly way. Safety guidelines will be provided. It’s gonna be awesome!

Daniel is passionate about mens work and has been running playfighting workshops in Melbourne for around 2 years. Daniel also teaches qi gong and meditation and loves dancing wildly in the forest.

Sorenda to Dance workshop

To Sorenda to Dance is to allow ourselves to connect in deeper with our unique selves and those around us and to let go of our preconceived notions of who we are and what we look like on the dance floor in this moment.

This dance session guides participants in connecting their breath, movement and selves. Beginning with elements of Tai Chi and Yoga, participants warm up and then using breath-work techniques, they are guided through a journey of self-exploration through dance and movement.

This session also offers participants the opportunity to connect with others, have fun and get a great dance floor workout. We conclude with a guided relaxation to complete the session and connect back into our hearts.

Vern is an experienced group facilitator and Well-being consultant. He creates heart-centred and inclusive spaces that allow for a deeper connection and shared intimacy between participants. His facilitation style is both playful and focused, grounded in 30 years of practice and intention. He integrates breath-work exercises, games and mindfulness with Buddhist and Shamanic rituals in his engaging creativity and movement workshops. Through his Bendigo-based business, Vern works with a range of groups from children to teenagers and adults, facilitating opportunities for building communication, social connectedness, confidence and other life skills integral for a more joyous life.

Healing the inner child

This involves a gentle meditation, where you journey to the top of a mountain meet your spirit guide, receive a gift, then come back and meet your inner child. Using Art therapy everyone draws their inner child (5 years old) and discusses their gift. Everyone chooses an inner child tarot card to help them heal. We then close with a short meditation embracing and loving the inner child.

I am a local St Kilda Artist that has worked with my inner child for over 30 years.I have worked with many clients getting them in touch with their inner child using massage, Art and meditation to access and heal the wounded inner child.