Tribal Groups Online

Over the last 9 years Menergy has helped thousands of men discover themselves, celebrate healthy masculinity and build lasting friendships with other good men.

The core of the Menergy experience is the Tribal Groups that men participate in each day. In facilitated sharing circles, 6 men are given the space to speak their truth without interruption or judgment. The Tribal Group experience unfolds over 4 sessions throughout the gathering and allows men to drop into deeper connection and support with their group.

In 2020 we were unable to offer an in-person event at our beloved Licola venue. So we created Tribal Groups Online. This free online offering allows men to easily access the support of a Tribal Group from the comfort of their own home. Men who enrol in the program will experience the Tribal Group journey over 4 online sessions with a group of 6 men – guided by an experienced Menergy Tribal Group Facilitator. TGFs are men from our community who have been chosen based on their facilitation, leadership and support skills.

We see this as a very suitable time to offer support and connection. Isolation and lock-down requirements, as well as employment stress are putting people and families under pressure. In Australia, calls to the mental health and suicide prevention service ‘lifeline’ are at their highest in its 40 years of running.

If you know of a man you feel could use support please refer them to this page.

Our current round of Tribal Groups Online is full. Signup below to be notified when the next round opens.