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What is Menergy?

Menergy is a 3-day men’s gathering set in the beautiful country of Licola, where men are invited into deeper relationship with themselves and with the questions of manhood. What does it mean to be a man? How should a man live in the world? How can he be in service to the community and be supported in return? Menergy provides a retreat from the demands of our daily lives where we create space to lean into these questions and work towards becoming better men for a better world.

The detailed program we run has been developed for over 15 years and has seen thousands of men grow and learn through this process, helping to form a strong and supportive community of brotherhood that stretches throughout Victoria and beyond.

In this event we invite men of all ages, ethnicities, sexualities, ideologies and lifestyles to come together and have fun, share our challenges and learn from each other. See our Statement of Inclusion for more information.

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Menergy includes a rich variety of workshops running throughout the weekend, and your choice of workshops is optional based on your desire and interest. Previous workshops topics have included confidence, communication, death, wealth and money, song and dance, breath work and meditation, masculinity, movement, sexuality, self-expression, relationships, family and spirituality.

Who are we?

Menergy is a volunteer-run non-profit gathering by men for men. This is the eleventh year in Victoria and is supported by Mens Wellbeing in Queensland. Menergy is organised by a committee of men who have attended previous Menergy gatherings and have been called to make the event happen this year.

"Menergy has been nothing short of life changing, and life affirming for me. Arriving at Menergy for the first time in 2017, I had not been exposed to “men’s work” before, and I left Menergy with new hope, feeling deeply connected and with a huge smile. "
Mikey Ivany
"Menergy is an incredible event. 3 days that has the power to change men’s lives for the better, I know because it has changed mine. I personally get so much from it each year; the brotherhood, the open hearted sharing, the rawness and the vulnerability of 160+ men gathering together in the wilderness is a very special and an extremely powerful thing."
Nick Columb

Sharing Circles

Resting on ancient traditions of men’s work, at the heart of this gathering is the sharing circle. A small group of about 5-10 people come together to form an intentional space in which we are invited to speak to what is true in the moment, to speak from the heart and to discover more of ourselves in what we speak. Each participant is given time to speak without interruption into a circle of compassion, presence and deep listening.

The circle receives the sharing without response, without judgement and without offering advice. Through this process we create a safe space where the heart may allow itself to be heard, where unspoken parts of our being can be revealed in safety, and where the beginnings of healing and intention are able to take root and grow.