Three day
men’s gathering retreat

Since 2012, Menergy has helped thousands of men discover themselves,
celebrate masculinity and build lasting friendships with other good men.

Menergy 2022!

Hello wonderful Men! We hope that you and your families are well, and are managing to find your way through the challenging times that we find ourselves in. We’ve heard the call of so many men who are in need of a space to deepen into what it means to be a man in these times, to explore how we can heal and grow and be of service to our families and communities; and to connect with other men on this journey. We are here for you!

We were hoping to offer a Menergy Gathering in May this year but due to ongoing disruptions from Covid this much-awaited gathering has returned to our traditional weekend of 6-9 October. 

We truly appreciate your patience, loyalty and the support of Licola Village who have been able to reschedule us.

Any tickets already purchased have been transferred to the October weekend. All ticket-holders should have received confirmation of this by email. (Please contact our Administration Officer if you are unsure on 1300 13 88 50. Ticket-holders unable to reschedule should reply to their confirmation email to request a refund.)

The fire is still burning within our Leadership Circle and we’re planning to roar in October!

Thank you all so much for being here with us.  We will see you soon.

Rekindle the Fire

Our theme for this Menergy 2022 is “REKINDLE THE FIRE”

The flames may be low, but the coals are still aglow.

We’ve all been through a massive shift with many challenges in these past few years, but we’re here now and we’re ready to embark upon our shared voyage into the future.

Menergy 2022 is all about bringing us all back together again, rekindling the fire within our hearts, minds and souls in order to take stock of where we’ve been, find our feet on the ground in the here and now, and look forwards — together.

We invite you into this sacred space of uplifting connection, shared trust, and co-created hope for the future.

Being a modern man has its challenges.

It is expected that men will take on the roles of providers, protectors, and leaders. At the same time, we are also expected to practise emotional openness, vulnerability and sensitivity. How does a modern man strike this delicate balance in his mission, community, and relationships?

That’s why Menergy was created. It serves as a place for men to come together, explore the challenges of modern life, and map out a path to honour the changing times – while embracing the essence of who we are as men.

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"Menergy has been nothing short of life changing, and life affirming for me. Arriving at Menergy for the first time in 2017, I had not been exposed to “men’s work” before, and I left Menergy with new hope, feeling deeply connected and with a huge smile. "
Mikey Ivany
"The most profound event I’ve witnessed for men’s personal growth, that honours your individuality and personal needs."
Adam Weaver


Open your mind with three days of powerful and transformative workshops covering masculinity, relationships, spirituality, sexuality, empowerment, self-development and more.

Group Support

During the duration of the retreat, you will be part of a small group facilitated by an experienced group leader. This facilitates deep conversations and meaningful connections.

Sharing circle

Sharing Circles

Experience the sharing circle where you will be given the space to speak your truth without interruption or judgment. This allows for deeper connection and healing, and your intentions are able to take root and grow.


The gathering is set in the beautiful country of Licola on the banks of the Macalister River (Wirnwirndook’yeerun) in Gippsland. You have the freedom to play in the sun, enjoy the scenery, and swim in the river.

Beautiful Licola
"I cannot recommend Menergy highly enough. It’s medicine that you didn’t know you needed"
Nu Pham

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the organisers?

Menergy is a volunteer-run non-profit gathering by men for men. This is the eighth year in Victoria and is supported by Men’s Wellbeing in Queensland.


We stay in cabins on a beautiful property, located in the foothills of the Alpine ranges and next to the pristine Macalister River.

Is food provided?

We offer excellent healthy and heart food, with vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options available.

Transport / Carpool?

Inclusiveness Policy

Menergy, Island Of Men, Common Ground and Victorian Men’s Wellbeing welcome all men. Our principles and code of conduct require all participants to act with respect for age, cultural diversity, religious, spiritual and ideological beliefs, disability, physical and mental health, gender, identity, sexual orientation and relationship status. For more details, read our Statement of Inclusion

— Menergy is drug and alcohol free and
welcoming and inclusive to men of all backgrounds and orientations —

Any Questions?