Welcome to Menergy 2016 : Menergy is a 3 day festival event held in idyllic Licola Retreat at the foothills of the mountains next to the Macalister river.

Here men gather to celebrate and learn how to embrace their masculinity and journey into their hearts through togetherness, ritual, workshops, laughter and fun.

Come and experience more of your manhood…

Event Dates:   Thursday 13th – Sunday 16th October 2016

‘To be able to share, confide and be so open with men that I had only just met,

says a great deal for Menergy and more importantly for your own individual characters.’

Menergy 2015 Workshop Facilitators

Have a look at some of the workshops that ran last year!


Asking For What You Want Sexy – Jeremy Lee Shub

This workshop will involve the literal experience of asking for what you want. Covering dating, intimacy, sexuality, touch and relationships. In addition will be practices and ceremony for knowing what intimacy and sexuality you want and manifesting

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Partner Shiatsu – Head, Neck and Shoulders – Gerald Heutink

Do you want to give your partner an effortless and amazing neck massage? In Partner Shiatsu you will walk away having mastered some exciting new techniques to impress. In this workshop we will explore deepening your sense of awareness through healing touch. We will apply Japanese shiatsu principles of gentle and sustained pressure.

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Peter Loupelis

Five Authentic Voices – Peter Loupelis

Starting with institutional schooling through to corporate consumerism, our natural internal compass gets severely distorted. Nowhere is this more felt than in the financial sphere. Using a financial lens, we explore our past, place ourselves into the current cultural context, and look forward to what we will need to die successfully.

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Welcome back; we are ready for Menergy 2016!